3 Steps to Telling a Friend...

"Maybe Your Should Try Therapy"

How to Tell a Friend

You see the path that he's on and you know it leads nowhere good. Maybe you've been down that road yourself. The thing is, most men are resistant to unsolicited personal advice. 


  • If he asks for advice...

  • If he's looking for answers in books, workshops, or Youtube...

  • If he's behaving in ways that you know are really out of character...

DO: Tell Him About Me.

DON'T: Try and fix his problem for him. 


In a sincere and serious tone, mention therapy as an option. Here's a suggestion:

"Hey, maybe it's time to hit the couch. You know, therapy. I heard about this therapist who only works with guys. Can't hurt, right? How about I send his info to you?"


Send him my contact information. It's up to him to make the first move. He's got to have the internal motivation from the start. (I won't contact him directly nor will I add him to an email list.)


Follow-up a week later. "Did you hear from that therapist who just works with guys? No? Seriously it could really help."

THAT'S IT. The rest is up to him. He needs "space" to internally make the choice to take care of himself. No need to badger or coddle him. He's a man for crying out loud. 


One Last Thing... Thank you for taking the risk of getting into his personal business and offending him. He may not appreciate it now but there will come a time when he thinks of the effort you made and smile because you cared enough to hold him accountable.  

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