Trying to Rebuild

After a Divorce?

        Is It Time For a . . .

Divorce Recovery for Men ~ I Get It 

. . . Fresh Start?

Get counseling for divorce recovery. Gain insights and learn skills that will lead to a better future. 

I bottle-up the stress, anxiety, anger, or sadness until it comes out in a rush of unpredictable behaviors that just adds more fuel to the fire.

I've tried to white-knuckle my way through hard times but I'm feeling burned-out, stressed, fatigued, cynical, and ruminating about old resentments. 

I'm coping with these difficult issues by using substances and behaviors that are destructive. It's time to find a better way.

Issues Addressed:

• Divorce

• Relationship Issues

• Coping Gone Bad:

  - Substance Abuse

  - Career Issues

  - Depression / Anxiety


You want quick, down-and-dirty help fixing the issues in your life. Even though they are sometimes necessary, drawn-out discussions about feelings and soft-landings rarely inspire us to change. This is because change is about direction, forward-motion, and problem solving. That's why I specialize in solution-oriented therapy. Let's get started....

Ric Taylor, MA

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Rate: $100 per session • Insurance: Out of network only • Credential: NLC.0103508

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