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Counseling for Men

Or, maybe it's not that bad.

But you definitely want things to get better.  There is hope.

You don't have to go through this alone.

Getting clarity and learning new skills can help build your emotional stamina. Your life CAN get better and so can your relationships at work and at home.

Therapy for Men is Different

There are a lot of myths about counseling that simply don't apply in my approach. A lot of men believe that therapists just talk about touchy-feely topics that lead nowhere. Or they've had an experience in marriage counseling that was uncomfortable or they felt left out of equation. I get it. In fact, I've experienced that exact scenario. It's an unfortunate reality that some therapists simply are not equipped to work with men. 

Men want quick, down-and-dirty help fixing the issues in their life. And even though they are sometimes necessary, drawn-out discussions about feelings and soft-landings don't inspire men to change. This is because masculinity is about direction, forward-motion, and problem solving. This approach is not taught in school. And a lot of counselors assume that men and women will respond to therapy in similar ways. But they don't. That's why I specialize in therapy for men. 

Any of These Sound Familiar:
  • At home, your conversations turn into conflict and old resentments resurface. Things seem tense. Intimacy is rare and the fun you once had is a thing of the past.

  • The tension at home impacts your career and vica versa. The job, the marriage; they feel like mediocrity. So, you just cope.

  • You have found ways to numb yourself from feeling anything. Or maybe you find ways to maintain distance; that way, it won't get any worse, right?

     Worst of all... it feels like you've lost your fire.

So you trudge through life coping, dealing with feelings of mediocrity, and staying emotionally numb until...

Something happens that forces you to make a change...

  • You've sabotaged your promotion but have no idea why.

  • You get pulled over by the police, again. And this time, it's bad.

  • You think sex with no strings attached will help, but it doesn't.

  • She says, "I'm done, for real!" and threatens you with divorce.

  • She finds your secret online activity. This time she/he tells everyone.

  • You end up with a Performance Improvement Plan at work, or you get fired.

  • You get so angry that you're ready to “tear it up” with the next jerk who blinks.​

Unfortunately, men are often motivated to seek help only after a serious crisis. Don't Wait!

When it's time to hit the couch, don't wait.

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50-mins • In-office You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Not Ready? 

•  Check out my blog.

•  Read a short article from the NYTimes about therapy for men.

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Rate: $125 per session • Insurance: Out of network only • Credential: NLC.0103508

Areas served: Highlands Ranch, Denver, Centennial, DTC, Greenwood Village, Aurora.