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Anxiety follows you everywhere and makes common daily activities extremely difficult.

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Anxiety Can Be Cured

Research shows that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for anxiety. In as few as 10 sessions, you'll feel a huge difference with or without any form of medication. CBT eliminates Anxiety by recognizing how your thoughts and behaviors work to create anxiety symptoms.  We'll work together to re-direct negative habits of thought that influence your feelings and behaviors. 

How It Works

There are four general steps to curing Anxiety:

  1. Learn how it works, what's causing it and why you're affected by it.

  2. Discover the thought patterns that drive anxiety symptoms and challenge them with positive patterns. 

  3. Practice (in real-time) how to cope with symptoms as they arise. This helps fortify your new habit.

  4. Learn relaxation techniques that you can use anytime; because anxiety can sneak up when you least expect it.

These four steps happen within the safe and confidential environment of my office. Nobody has to know. My clients are often surprised by unexpected insights they discover about themselves.


When to See Me for Anxiety

  • Your fear, worry or anxiety is upsetting to you and difficult to control

  • You think your anxiety could be linked to a physical health problem

  • You feel like you're worrying too much and it's interfering with your work, relationships or other parts of your life

  • You feel depressed, have trouble with alcohol or drug use, or have other mental health concerns along with anxiety

  • You have suicidal thoughts or behaviors — if this is the case, seek emergency treatment immediately

Men Experience Anxiety As A Punch in the Gut

Men with anxiety often experience shame. While men and women share many symptoms of anxiety, shame is a factor for men because we're socialized to have "all the answers" and stay in control. Anxiety on its own is not easy to control and can be experienced by men as weakness. This vulnerability can be embarrassing and prevents men from seeking professional help (even though it's confidential). By the time many men DO seek help, their condition is severe and well-entrenched.

Using Substances To Cope 

Our body creates its own chemicals to help us manage emotional pain. However, there are certain behaviors and substances that further elevate the production of these chemicals. Behaviors like indulgent eating, sex, risk-taking sports and gambling are common. Substances including alcohol, marijuana, opioids and nicotine produce similar effects. As the brain conforms to these chemical "inputs", their effects are reduced and require higher dosage to maintain the pleasant feelings they produce. This cycle can become a habit of substance use that grows into addiction.

I know, it's much easier to take a pill and temporarily feel better. But, it's not a sustainable solution and medications have negative side-effects. Invest in yourself and your life. Learn a permanent solution for anxiety and start living with the confidence that your anxiety is gone.

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